Daor was founded in 2009 to  respond to the needs of the Korean market that required leather of better and better quality and prestige.

Thus the decision from the beginning to treat leather produced exclusively in Italy. 

pelli arredamento

After 10 years of activity Daor stands out for the attention in the various production steps and for the offer of top quality leather, following the needs of a market more and more demanding and competitive.

pelli arredamento

our standard

To reach these high quality standard Daor has a highly specialized workforce, both in Italy and in Korea, including technicians with decades of experience, professional selectors and raw materials experts.

continuous improvement 

Today we can count on top-level collaborators that look after our leather from raw to finished product.

Daor philosophy can be summed in two words: continuous improvement. 

We study every day new strategies to make our products even better and our quality superior, to satisfy the most demanding clients.